But first of all let us get this clear. Robin Good Initiative is not a tour company but a South African NGO involved in assisting and uplifting unemployed people in our country.

As you no doubt started out looking for a holiday to suit your individual requirements what we have to propose here will be a departure from the norm.

So first of all thank you for following the link. That alone probably mean that you want to make a difference for someone in South Africa that you have never met. That’s absolutely great and you are to be commended for getting this far.

Each visitor to our country is directly responsible for creating 10 tourism jobs but you can do even better if you decide to pay us a visit!

We would like to encourage you to have a look at the other pages here on our website (if you have not yet done that) just to see what we are all about because we want you to be ready for what we like to call your holiday of a lifetime because while here you will be making a critical deference in the life of someone in desperate need. But for now please read on here as we outline what we are offering in exchange for your participation. We have a holiday club for donors to Robin Good Initiative. Through it you are invited to help and enjoy all at the same time. Help someone in need and enjoy our country as our guest.

Robin Good Initiative has a fund raising arm in the UK and has initiated a holiday Club there that wants to ensure that you have a wonderful holiday with the staff and volunteers who work on the coalface in SA. If you are coming from elsewhere then you will be working through our SA office.

No doubt you are aware that here in South Africa we have a vibrant 1st world economy but you may not know that it serves less than a third of our total population. The 3rd world component of our society is in need of upliftment. Up to 45% of the population is unemployed and rely on subsistence grants paid to pensioners and for child support or organisations like ours.

We at Robin Good Initiative have been busy helping to get people working at growing their own vegetables and selling the excess crops produced to support themselves. Upliftment work with our Vegitunnel Project and poverty alleviation through foodbanking has been our mission for 18 years and that is where you come in as ‘partners towards prosperity for people in poverty’ (PTPPP).

WE ARE INVITING YOU... to donate to our work and come to South Africa and have a wonderful time with us, enjoying our beautiful country while assisting with the work of the Robin Good Initiative Vegitunnel Project. It is certain that this will be the most exhilarating and rejuvenating holiday available to long haul travellers in the world today; with an itinerary that looks like this:

If you leave from Heathrow Airport on a Friday evening you will be met by our UK Robin Good Initiative Club coordinator Rev Tom Kerr of Sturminster Marshal, Dorset. If you fly from some other UK airport you will connect with your group at Paris airport. FYI, Tom and his wife Beth were based in SA for a number of years until returning to the UK and settling in Sturminster Marshal, where he now pastors New Life Bible Church. They and that congregation are stalwart supporters of Robin Good Initiative and have been so over recent years.


Because of Tom’s intimate knowledge of South Africa he is the perfect person for you to liaise with concerning your adventure in SA. Acting as your holiday accomplice, Tom will ensure your safe passage to and from South Africa. Chat to him and he will tell you himself that he cannot get enough of the South African experience. It is where he takes most of his holidays (when he can). We just hope you will be able understand his Scottish brogue.
From elsewhere you will be met at OR Tambo International which is on the outskirts of Johannesburg. Upon landing at O R Tambo International Airport after your overnight flight you will be taken directly towards the Northern Cape Province through the North West Provence.

This will be the first leg of what will be a nearly 4000km round trip to entertain and entrance you as the guests of Robin Good Initiative, on a sightseeing and wildlife adventure safari that only locals know how to do. It will first take you far to the west of South Africa.

Have you heard of the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park? Probably not because it is a well-kept secret of ours. Look up the Facebook page Kgalagadi Sightings: RGI FACEBOOK
On this FB page you will see the photographs of locals who are addicted to the Kgalagadi experience.

It is a destination of remarkable character situated in the Northern Cape Province and spans our boarder with Botswana and Namibia. Operated and managed by SA National Parks it is a mecca for wildlife and landscape photographers alike. Well that is where you will be heading. This journey can be done in a single day on our fantastic roads but because you have been travelling for a day or so before you get here we will stop off for a night along the way in 3 or 4 star accommodation. The next day your visit to the town of Kuruman will help you to acclimatise to the hot days of the NCP. It has as its best known attraction its amazing spring known as the ‘eye’ but your eyes will be rested by the sight. The volume of water issuing from this spring is a phenomenon that gives life to this town situated in a semi desert area. You will also have time to take in the Moffat Mission, a famous landmark for Christians because it is where the work of the Scotsman Rev Robert Moffat of the London Missionary Society was started in the 1820's.
It was at this mission station base where he first translated the bible into the language of the local people. You will see the place where David Livingston met Mary Moffat who later became his wife. To take a quiet moment in the gardens is said by most visitors to be a moving experience. See for yourself as you immerse yourself in the history of the place and pick up some of those holiday souvenirs and gifts for loved ones at home.

The last leg of the day will take you to your overnight accommodation close to or within the KTFP.

The light fades fast but spectacularly as the sun sinks into the dust laden atmosphere of the desert air. Photo ops exist all around you from dawn till dusk either of which is equally attractive. Dining under the stars will be becoming the norm for you over the next few days. The starry skies here will keep you up till late because the Milky Way astounds you in the clarity of the unpolluted atmosphere.
KTFP which is situated in a semi-desert terrain is so breathtakingly beautiful you will become totally entranced as you encounter animals and birds of all shapes and sizes that eke out their existence in these challenging climes.

Your first game drive will be started the next morning. You will have the choice of an open top safari vehicle from the park (for an extra charge) or the transport you arrived in.

Game drives will take place morning and afternoon for three full days from the Twee Riveren entrance; so named because of the two rivers that meet there. However if you should fall into either of the rivers you will have to dust yourself off as these rivers only run a couple of days each year and then only inches deep! But that rainfall is sufficient to ensure grazing in the riverbeds for all the animals to live on.

You had better have plenty of memory cards because those cameras of yours are going to be clicking flat out as you find animals of all sorts on the drives.

These are locations that will fill your albums and social network pages with the most enviable images imaginable. Encounters with apex predators such as lion, leopard, African wild cat and Cheetah are possible at every turn in the road. Raptors abound for the birders to snap.

These are just a few of the photos taken by Brian who together with Tom will be your guide and companion while you are here when he takes you on the same drives and to the places he goes when he is on holiday. Once the time in the KTFP is up and it will be too soon, it will be a case of getting on the road again as we meander our way back to Johannesburg to attend to the business of helping a grateful recipient of the Vegitunnel that your holiday visit will be sponsoring.
We will take the long rout back to enable you to see the historic town of Kimberly and visit that famous ‘big hole’ they have there. Of great interest will be the village museum that has carefully preserved many of the original sights and buildings from the early days of this diamond mining town. Just one more chance to capture the mood of the past in your memory and on those memory cards! Perhaps an investment in a diamond for a memento?

When back in Johannesburg there will be sightseeing trips around what is the economic capitol of the country once you have done the work we got you to come here for.
You will be installing YOUR Vegitunnel for someone in the morning (please see the Vegitunnel page on our site) http://www.robingood.ws/vegi_project.htm and of course resting before the next but shorter trip to the world famous Kruger National Park.

Did you know that Johannesburg is the single largest city that is not on a perennial river? All its water is pumped up from the lower areas around this city on a hill. Situated at 6500ft above sea level you will be filling your lungs with Champaign air while taking in the sights in and around the largest man made suburban forest in the world. It is so dense that it has been declared as an open woodland habitat. Over the last 100 years it has become inhabited by a rich and varied population of birds; many of which you may never have seen before.
If you are one of the more energetic ones you may wish to summon up an Uber and take in a show and dinner before turning in. The theatres of Johannesburg offer a wonderful selection to cover all tastes.
So how many days is that? Lost count? Good that means you are having a good time just thinking about your donation and the holiday surrounding it.

Well the next day is Sunday and you will have had a week with us. So it is time to head out to the Lowveld of the eastern most province, Mpumalanga. The name means the place of the rising sun. There are a number of vistas for you to feast your eyes upon during the day before the sun sets and before we arrive at our overnight accommodation outside the Kruger National Park.

What then follows is four and a half days of the world famous Kruger National Park.

This is big five country and just as the KTFP was beautiful in its unspoilt ruggedness so is Kruger, which apart from its concessions to the needs of the tourists for roads, accommodation, food and ablutions is also unspoilt. It is a place where the animals roam uninhibited in a lush terrain that is no different from what the place has always been. Even if you were to travel on every single road in Kruger you would only see around 5% of the park up close and personal because it is that big.

Kruger is a park the size of Wales! Once again you will be able to choose from a variety of Game Drives on open safari vehicles or go for a walk with rangers who will connect you with the bush in a way that no game drive possibly can. To track a lion or a rhino on foot is worth the price of admission alone.


Your days in Kruger will be leisurely or intense depending on your personal preferences. Doing your own thing or joining with the party is entirely up to you. Many a happy hour can be spent at a restaurant view sight sipping a cool drink or cup of coffee while the wilderness inhabitants come to the river to drink or bathe. This alone can turn your world upside-down (take a close look at the waterbuck).

On Friday morning we will leave the KNPBPOE (Best Place On Earth, some say) and head back to where it all started, O R T airport, for your overnight flight that will end in the cold hard reality of home.
But you will have memories to last a lifetime and tales of your very own African Adventure. You will leave behind grateful recipients of your generosity who will be able to feed their family because of your contribution.

We have every confidence that you will wish to return and can only hope you will do so before this experience is no longer available as the unspoilt habitat for man and beast continues to evaporate before our very eyes.
If you have arranged to extend your stay with us to assist in our work then you will say goodbye to the friends you have made before you take up residence in Johannesburg for the duration of your stay. You will of course be free to travel further also. Our aim is to impress you and win your hearts to our work.

Now for your feedback. We know this is an unusual appeal for funding but feel confident that the fact that you will get to experience our land with us has a wonderful taste to it that you will be pleased to come and visit. If you would like to know more we can set up a SKYPE chat with Brian (He likes face to face contact).

For our pilot donors this visit will cost you 3000.00 pounds sterling or US$ 4000.00 per person sharing (exchange rate dependant). Presently our exchange rate is R19.00 – 1 against the pound and R14.00 against the US$.
Why so cheap? It is precisely because this is not a tour company but a volunteer organisation looking to raise funds for the needy in South Africa. As part of this pilot you will be our paying Guiney Pigs as we find our feet in the entertainment arena. We will ask and expect you to take part in an extensive exit survey which will be issued to you on your last day with us.

We have scheduled the first two groups of 8 people to depart the UK September 2nd returning 16th and November 4th returning 18th. Until we are sure of the numbers we will be requesting our guests to be flexible regarding the mode of transport used in country during our set up phase. It may be a 7 seater 4 x 4 or a 10 seater minivan or 14 seater bus, a coach or combinations of these.

Please contact us on our email to start the conversation.

By now you will have understood that Robin Good Initiative is not a tour operator and exists in this offer as the recipient of your donation to our work. The extension being that we will be your excellent hosts to provide all that we have indicated we would during your stay with us. For this reason we wish to advise you that we cannot and will not be held liable for unforeseen or untoward events that results in your hurt or harm in any way. For this reason we strongly advise all donors to take sufficient insurance cover for their property and for proper medical attention or accident recovery to be carried out for you and any member of your party. It has to be held in mind that the game parks of South Africa are filled with wild animals whose behaviour is mostly benign but can be unpredictable and in some instances life threatening. The thrill of being adjacent to the largest land mammals in the world is not to be equalled or compared with any other experience known to man but should that take a turn for the worst the last thing you will want to be concerned about is the financial loss you might incur for that damaged camera of worse. Therefore we strongly recommend that you take out proper travel insurance and submit the details of the coverer to the party courier who will relay the information to Robin Good Initiative for safe keeping for the duration of your trip. We wish you, that by the grace of God you will enjoy your holiday with us.