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Robin Good Initiative has a very specific mission in terms of aiding the destitute. Our purpose is simply expressed. "Source the excess of our nation and distribute this amongst the poor, whoever they are and wherever they may be found."

Many caring organisations have been established to aid those affected by poverty and they generally are inhibited in their work by lack of resources, having to spend much of
their time in the
daunting task of
searching for
Robin Good Initiative 
provides essential
resources for over
350 such organisations
enabling them to
effectively uplift
some 34,000
individuals per
week in a variety of ways.

This is Robin Good Initiative’s 11th year of operation, having started by distributing only 40 loaves of bread per week to one charity and growing rapidly to our present level. RGI presently distributes enough food for well in excess of 5 million meals plus tons of clothing and volumes of household goods and toys nation wide. The estimated value is well in excess of R1 million per month, all given without any charge to the recipients whatsoever.
Elsewhere in the world what we do would be called  “food banking.” Our aim has always been to channel the excess food produced in our country into the mouths of the hungry.

South Africa is blessed with excellent growing conditions and a good economy so excesses are produced just like in other parts of the world. The food is available but the cost of sourcing it and moving it is the challenge. We are rising to that challenge and so are our supporters.

Despite all the work being done in food relief, the demand far outstrips the supply! The fact remains that 40% of the SA population of 45M live BELOW THE BREADLINE! One million people face imminent death by starvation, people living on our doorstep.
A total of 5.3 million South African children are severely deprived and frequently hungry. One third of children in South Africa are suffering from stunted physical and mental growth as a result of malnutrition. So, even together with all other charities feeding the poor, we still fall far short of meeting the needs of the hungry.

We invite you to join Robin Good Initiative in our "Essential Foods Distribution Program." Every Rand you give will provide 4 meals
for the needy. Either a once off, monthly or annual
contribution would make a great difference to the
lives of the distressed in the community.